En la Escuela

July 2, 2010

I bought this book for the kids in the literacy groups at a mall in Guatemala City. The bookstore was located opposite Zara, across from the McDonald´s, and just down the way from the Chili´s.  It was published in Spain.

Now, we all know that all the schools in Spain or even in the United States don´t look like this. But try to remember what your first grade classroom looked like, and I´ll wager a bet it looked something like this.  At the very least, you probably had a trash can.

This is the school in Rosario Sacubul. There are two classrooms. The two literacy groups work in one when there aren´t classes, which is pretty much every week.

Many of the desks are broken. All are coated with a crusty layer of dust and dirt.

In the school in Rosario Sacubul, there is no bathroom.

The windows are broken. There are holes in the wall. There is no lock on the door.  Needless to say, there are no books.

After the women are finished studying, they clean. We wait outside to avoid the dust.

The school in Rosario Sacubul is not a simple case of neglect that can be resolved by a couple of NGOs run by a group of well meaning college students. It is a product of an education system that intentionally fails its students, in a country where most of the population gets by on less than 2 dollars a day and where 20 families own the vast majority of the land. A country where most of the population is under 30, and less than 3 percent of the GNP is invested in education.

Thankfully, kids everywhere play……

….. and when they find books, they read them.


3 Responses to “En la Escuela”

  1. powerful, Emma. keep going…!

  2. Rose said

    Loved this, Emma. Have you thought of starting a book donation campaign for your project?

  3. Lamont said

    Thank you, Emma, for holding these children and mothers in the Light.

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