A Wedding in the Mountains and a Trip to the Lake

December 19, 2009

I like weddings way more than any self-professed feminist really should. I like weddings so much that when I was invited to a traditional Guatemalan wedding in a village 12 hours by bus from Guatemala City in the middle of the highest mountains in Central America, I still said yes. I spent the second half of the trip in a chicken bus, sharing a seat with three other people, but it was worth it. Bonus: After 12 hours on Guatemalan buses, I will never complain about the “indignities” of air travel ever again. 

My office closed for the holidays last Friday, so I headed to Lago de Atitlan post-wedding to recover. My guidebook tells me that Aldous Huxley called  it “the most beautiful lake in the world.” Someday, Rough Guide will have to add a paragraph noting that Emma Hulse agreed. 

The morning of the wedding, the entire extended family arrived to help. These women made tamales from 9 AM until 2 PM.


The entire wedding, from the legal ceremony to the late-night dancing, took place in the family's home. There were 300 guests.


Borrowed tables, waiting to be set out after the ceremony

The marimba club got started early and kept it going until 2 AM.

Greeting Guests

The happy couple, their very large families

Everybody danced to the marimba, including me. Except I went to bed at 10 PM, and everyone else (including the children) went to bed at 2 AM. Chicken buses and Spanish immersion are tiring.

Lago de Atitlan and accompanying volcanoes, as seen from San Pedro la Laguna

The bluest blue I've ever seen


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