Board Books and Photo Posts

October 26, 2009

51DiGkm9cpL._SL500_AA240_51FuS4DLsnL._SL500_AA240_51qE3sGD4uL._SL500_AA240_51VnAXSvlmL._SL500_AA240_Once upon a time, I had the best summer job ever: I was paid to read picture books at the best children’s bookstore in the world. I did a respectable job of selling them too, but sadly too-few customers appreciated the genius of Mo Willem’s pigeon books. When I couldn’t sell the books I loved, I made use of my discount to buy them for other people. And so began my unfortunate habit of spending more money than I really ought on children’s books. (It’s an occupational hazard, I suppose.)

Now that I no longer have a class full of 8-year-olds to use as my excuse, my favorite picture-book-gift-recipient is CL, the Guatemalan daughter of my friend CE. I think CL’s favorite so far has been the classic “The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear,” and her parents loved “Planting a Rainbow.” But I was particularly proud to present her with Jill Hartley’s bilingual board book series, which features beautiful pictures of patterns and colors in Latin America (see above.) I doubt most children will be clamouring to read these night after night as there isn’t any text, but if I were one-and-a-half I would totally want to chew on them, and chewing on books is an important, underappreciated stage in the development of literacy skills.

So, in honor of these beautiful books, here are the best of the patterns and colors I’ve come across here in the last few weeks. Check back Wednesday for a post on play!


A tomb in Xela's cemetery


The Church in Zunil


Dying thread in the weaving town of Salcaja


The Market in Xela


A thread store in Salcaja


A painted sign in Xela


Metal pots at the market in Momostenango


The Church at Salcaja: Purported to be the oldest in Guatemala. There are pineapples on the facade. No joke.


Paches (chile-flavored potato tamales), fresh tortillas, and herb tea in honor of the birthday of MS. Heaven on Saturday morning.


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